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Monday, August 24, 2009

Under Construction

Not only is our new website under construction, but so are we. We just had our first board meeting of the NEW Board of Directors, and I'm so excited about where we're headed. Stay tuned for more info about LEER.
Estamos construyendo nuestro sitio web, y también el programa. Acabamos de tener la primera reunión de la junta directiva nueva y estoy emocionante sobre el futuro.


  1. so proud of you! may the Lord continue to establish the work of your hands!!

  2. Hey Liza! The website looks great! I will be praying for you guys! It looks so exciting!!


Who Are We? / ¿Quién Somos?

We are currently working in partnership with the Columbia College Clubhouse. This is an after-school program working with students from Arden Elementary. We're focusing on the ESOL students who are learning English, as well as teaching Spanish to the other students, and helping them to discover the cultural richness each individual represents.
Trabajamos juntos con Columbia College Clubhouse. Es un programa pos-escolar que enseña estudiantes de Arden Elementary. Enfocamos en los estudiantes quienes aprenden ingles como segunda lengua, y enseñamos español a los otros estudiantes. Tratamos ayudarles a todos descubrir la riqueza de su propia cultura.